DSBMarks 1.0 Beta Released!

Discussion in 'Programming' started by Elite Override, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. Elite Override

    Elite Override /etc/passwd: No such file or directory. Staff Member

    Sure go ahead. It would give us a better idea of what you need.
  2. JamesEJ

    JamesEJ New Member

    Ok. will just paste then. First. am going to improve my documents presentation for others to understand more clearly. I knw what my notes mean but others do not.

    Last look-see news: Fx will give you the date and time of each bookmark's added folder & subfolder, and within each said folder the date and time of each added file. Pretty nifty, if ya ask me.

    The new Fx dev's likely havn't got thier hands on it yet. Yup Elite, your not the only addon dev that is displeased with the new Fx dev's attitudes and changes. But seems like other addon dev's have made the hurdle, so thee is some flicker of light at the end of the tunnel.

    I just hope my information can assist you in finding the switch to turn on that light to a glowing bright sunny day. Smiles, Jim
  3. JamesEJ

    JamesEJ New Member

    Alright abck as promised after making the procedure fairly clear (I hope!), so here it is:


    1st To begin, of course click the familiar Firefox “bookmarks” button.
    2nd click “show all bookmarks”.
    3rd click “bookmarks menu”.
    4th click the “views” down-arrow to open its dropdown options list.
    5th In that views dropdown list, click the option “show columns”.
    6th In that “show columns” dropdown list click the “added” option to check-mark it, if it is not already check-marked. The (1) names, (2) tags & (3) location listed option should already be check-marked.

    This procedure results in showing the date (year, month & day: e.g.
    “7/14/2011”) and time of day (e.g. “7:54 AM” too! >>that the specific bookmark folder was added.

    Like usual just click the specific folder/subfolder desired and all the sub-folders and files with the same day/month/year/time information each sub-folder and file was saved.

    Now simply just delete what you do not want any more and run e.g. Mozbackup to save your newly edited point-in-time bookmarks array.

    Lastly, let out a BIG CHEER when you reach the very last bookmark folder/file to make your changes, since this is really tedious & boring to say the least, and is why a good add-on to make this process easier & faster is dearly needed.
  4. Elite Override

    Elite Override /etc/passwd: No such file or directory. Staff Member

    Okay that is fairly straightforward.

    I think it would be easiest to help you do this via the sqlite firefox database while I figure out how to convert the functionality to an extension. What would you like the cutoff date for your bookmarks to be?
  5. JamesEJ

    JamesEJ New Member

    Hey, checking in and if not a bother (I hope), an added and quite important addon request.

    The new addon principle is simple: "search bookarks title names". No one has done this, nor from what I can tell even tried to do this.

    Maybe its too difficult or cannot be done in Fx, but if it simply has not been addressed, how about giving this GREAT beneifit to all Fx bookmarks users like you and myself.

    Hope you can do this! You will be appreciated, am sure!!

    Hopefully submitted, James
  6. janvdl

    janvdl Administrator Staff Member

    Hi James. Does this help: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1002905 ?
  7. JamesEJ

    JamesEJ New Member

    re: cutoff date for bookmarks
    What I had envisioned, was to be able to pick a dates period and bring up all the bookmarks for that e,\.g. month or other time span like January thru March 2011, to then be able to lokk thru the bookmarks in that period in an organized way. So the cutoff date would be the last date of that period. Hope this makes sense!!

    @Janvdl My opology! The phrase "search bookarks title names" really was not near the best or perhaps evan close. The "title" of the class of bookmarks I was after is the Bookmarks "Folder" name. This is what is and has been needed. So I would have for instance a Folder named e.g. "MALWARE FIX PROGRAMS FREE" and save my search results bookmarks witin this folder with that "title". Make better sense? BTW I have been to the url you gave. Looks like that OP was after something close but no cigar. Thanks for the good thought though!!

    You time is appreciated guys! Thanks James
  8. janvdl

    janvdl Administrator Staff Member

    I think most of your problems can probably be solved if you learn some SQL syntax. You seem to be a bookmarks power-user; more so than most addons can supplement. :)

    Have you tried using an app like this (http://portableapps.com/apps/development/sqlite_database_browser_portable) to open the bookmarks database file and search through the raw data? The GUI should make your life easier.

  9. JamesEJ

    JamesEJ New Member

    Ok Janvdl, will do a look-see. That "SQL syntax" looks like a strange beast (saw it b4 once wa...aay back) but see the help section exists so worth a college try! Thks!
  10. janvdl

    janvdl Administrator Staff Member

    The app should handle most of the raw SQL for you for simple operations.
  11. Elite Override

    Elite Override /etc/passwd: No such file or directory. Staff Member

    Make a copy of your Firefox sqlite database somewhere and work on the copy first. Make sure firefox is closed before you copy it. Once you're happy with the changes, you can swap the original and the modified copy. Keep the original somewhere in case something went wrong.
  12. JamesEJ

    JamesEJ New Member

    Welll, I took a look-see but one that ultimately included Firefox itself here: Sorting and rearranging bookmarks - Firefox - MozillaZine Knowledge Base If you go to the subtitle "Finding a forgotten bookmark within a date range" and follow the directions all the way down to "Click on the 'Added' label, you will get an ascending list by date added of all bookmarks. Not too bad EH!!! Likely not too hard to program either is my bet but that is just my wild talk. Anyhow, the major problem is now solved as best its going to be it looks like. Nice meeting you folks but need to go on my way in life. See Ya, Jim :D
  13. Elite Override

    Elite Override /etc/passwd: No such file or directory. Staff Member

    I'm glad to hear you've solved your problem, you're welcome to drop by again anytime.

    I'll probably dive back into addon development once mozilla finalises the WebExtensions spec.
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  14. janvdl

    janvdl Administrator Staff Member

    Nice having you, drop in again anytime!
  15. JamesEJ

    JamesEJ New Member

    Hats off to ya all!

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