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    Hello & greetings from the beautiful green State of Washington. Simply found my way here from the Firefox addon page for DSBMarks being that I had wound up with a bunch of bookmarks accumulated over a time period
    when I had been running XP and many of those needed to be eliminated. I had figured out how to use the Fx bookmrks interface to do delete many manually but soo time consuming I thought. Ran into DSBMarks & it looked like a real winner time-saver wise. But a serious problem(s) surfaced which I will post for the benefit of all present and futures users coming here. For info on this problem, see my post dated today 10/19/2015.

    See you there foks. Jim
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    Hi James and welcome to the forums. Please see my reply to your other post.
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    Welcome to the forums, James.
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    I instantly thought of James Earl Jones upon seeing your name xD

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