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    Apparently I have to introduce myself, so please bear with me?

    I am Mykhal, an Afrikaans boerseun, who grew up with a love for computers during the 70's and eighties! Programming is my main thing, as well as my drug of choice - who can argue with the kick you get after succeeding with a tricky problem?

    My programming started in Basic on a Sinclair ZX81, then moved through Commodore Vic-20 and 64 to my first PC in '88. I also moved from Basic through Logo (Bleh!) to Turbo Pascal. With Pascal I moved to Delphi AND STILL LOVES IT!

    My main interests are into database programming - currently does a lot of work with Delphi and Firebird.
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    Re: Hi

    Glad to see I could convince you. Welcome to the forums, it's nice to have your company and expertise.

    Since you're into databases, you might want to add on to sneaker's tutorial on databases, I think she wanted someone else to do Object Oriented Databases ;)
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    Re: Hi

    Welcome to the sandbox! Hope you have a great time here :D
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    Re: Hi

    Welcome :)

    Hope you will enjoy your stay here and please feel free to add more knowledge about whatever you want to share.

    I am struggling whit my last post in the Normalization thread that will be a small post with some common base knowledge about databases to bind it together. But I am always happy if others fill in with their knowledge or their questions in thread started by me.
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    Re: Hi

    Welcome to the board, Mykhal.
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    Re: Hi

    Welkom Mykhal...hehe:rock:
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    Re: Hi

    Hi and Welcome to the forum =D
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    Re: Hi

    WASSABI!!!! Im the resident loud mouth.... i says hi!!!!!!

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