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    1. No porn, not even a link. We prefer the real deal. Porn is for losers.

    2. Use English, with correct spelling and good grammar. We do not tolerate "leet-speak". Use a spell-checker if you suck at spelling.

    3. No advertisements unless you've received permission from an administrator.

    4. Please, no pirated stuff! We aren't a torrent tracker. Use isohunt och thepiratebay instead.

    5. No insults, flaming, racism, sexism or anything like that. Treat every other member with respect. If something bothers you, contact an admin or mod.

    6. Viruses/Trojans/Malware/Spyware and the likes are strictly prohibited! We're fine with discussing the techniques of creating code like this though, IF it is for the pure purpose of learning.

    7. Stay on topic, better make a new thread than going off topic in another.

    8. Never double post! And don't make double threads.

    9. Never bump a thread begging for answers, it will only make other people want to help you less.

    10. Use the "Like" button, do not post a reply which just thanks the poster. We're going to try and cut down on unnecessary posting.

    11. These rules will get updated every now and then, it's your responsibility to read the updates.

    12. Admins and mods have the final word. Period.


    Updates in bold.
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