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Discussion in 'Graphic Design' started by Elite Override, Jun 23, 2009.

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    Re: The Showroom

    She needs to take her left shoe back to the shoemaker, btw. :p
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    Wow, has it really been about 2-3 years since I've last posted in here? It doesn't feel that long ago at all. What have I been doing all this time.

    Anyway, I needed a mascot for Otakurist. I wanted something serious and elegant, so here we go~

    Made in Blender3D 2.7, rendered with Blender internal. Work time: A weekend. Render time ~15min (despite everything being subsurf'd to hell).
    I was also able to rig her thanks to Blender's Rigify, which made rigging and weight painting a breeze.
    I also figured out a good way to do eyes. Which involves having a sphere inside of a sphere. The inner sphere is the actual eye, while the outer sphere is clear, but still has specular.
    It should be noted that this is a anime gothic lolita doll character. Originally I was going for a maid, I might just make a separate outfit.
    I should also be noted that this is the first flat-chested female character that I have done. So yeah. There. Welcome to the niche corner.
    I might try to make her eyes more noticeable, and add more frills to her outfit.
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  3. Elite Override

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    Very impressive! I've never heard of the eye trick before, although it's been a while since I've done any graphics.

    Have you considered adding some more detail to the shoes and the frills on her blouse? It seems a bit at odds with the very detailed rose and hair.
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  5. Nadeem

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    I was considering adding another dress over that one. One with some more details. The textures for everything (except the hair and rose) as of now are very flat, but eventually I may add more detail when I get the time.

  6. Nadeem

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    My programming group is called CtrlAltConquer.
    I figured we'd need a super cool logo, so I made one. Then I made PC head mascots for us as well. The models are made and rigged in Blender, rendered with flat shadeless materials.


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    Really cool mascots and logos, although the lady mascot needs moar cleavage. :blink:

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